Why economico.pro?

20 January 2023 10:15

economico.pro is a news platform that aims to foster sustainability in business and society. It wants to connect people, entrepreneurs, businesses, and research institutions through journalistic news in addition to facilitating cooperation through the instant flow of trusted information, writes co-founder Steffen Klatt.

The world is at a crossroads. It can continue along the road that will eventually see us exhaust the natural resources our planet has to offer, or we can choose the road towards to ecological – and social – sustainability, resilience and inclusion.. The first road has the – unfortunate – advantage of being short. Climate change, the loss of biodiversity and growing social inequality will suffocate humankind. We need to redefine our understanding of growth, success and a good life.

This is not new. In fact, the first Club of Rome report more than 50 years ago dealt with the limits of growth on a planet with finite resources. 

So, why is mankind seemingly making hardly any effort to avert this potential doomsday scenario rather than taking a different road? The reasons are manifold. On a personal level, there are the small, perhaps selfish, advantages we enjoy in our daily lives, such as travelling by airplane once too often or owning a big car. However, on a more macro level, reasons can include hard-pressed businesses that might suffer if they adopt a more sustainable approach and a lack of cooperation between states to effectively find solutions to this global problem.

And yet, as is (almost) always the case, there is a silver lining: humankind has the capacity to learn, people are able to work together – across borders, business sectors and many other differences. Millions of people, hundreds of thousands of companies big and small, and thousands of research facilities are busily working on solutions. However, despite the fact that they are trying make their businesses or societies more sustainable, they are often not networked and, in some cases, may lack the right partners, the right investors or the right customers. 

This is where economico.pro comes into play. The platform brings together news articles about companies, research facilities and organizations that not only operate across various fields of sustainability, but that are also active across different sectors of the economy and in different regions. It aims to connect people, entrepreneurs, businesses, and research facilities through journalistic news in addition to facilitating cooperation through the instant flow of trusted information.

economico.pro builds on the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), a network of sustainable business clusters on all continents, founded in 2010. The new service empowers digitally supported cross-collaboration among like-minded business and finance clusters, networks and communities through journalistic news articles. We look forward to welcoming you on board!


Steffen Klatt is the founder and CEO of Café Europe, a Switzerland-based news agency. Café Europe launched economico.pro in January 2023.