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Saving capitalism

10 January 2024 15:48

Circularizing the economy is the last chance to make the world as we know it (and love it) future-proof. It will take the efforts of many players around the world, big and small, to achieve that. Circular Times aims to connect these players by circulating trusted information around the globe.
by Steffen Klatt

Never has humanity created so much wealth as in the last three centuries. The big BUT: It has lived at the expense of nature (and fellow humans). Now nature is preparing its invoice: If humanity does not learn to live within the limits of what nature can provide, nature will reduce its offerings. You can industrialize nature up to a point. Beyond that point, nature will de-industrialize you.

Circularizing the economy is the only way to save the economy and thus the world as we know it – and love it.

It will take the efforts of many players around the world. Fortunately, these players exist: innovative entrepreneurs in Switzerland and California, mainstream companies that are going circular in Taiwan, cutting-edge start-ups in India, waste pickers in Thailand and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, to name just a few examples in this newsletter.

The circular economy would take a giant leap forward if these players and the many others everywhere, in every sector of the economy and in every corner of the world’s societies could work together. To do this, they have to know each other, and they need to know who is doing what around the world in terms of circularity. Circularity needs an information infrastructure, and on a daily basis – time is critical.

Enter Circular Times. It aims to report on companies, research institutions, investors and other players in the field of circular economy. The journalistic news articles are produced by Café Europe, the Switzerland-based news agency that I am honored to run since 2005. In addition, opinion pieces from those who are making the world future-proof will be published.

Whenever you see a topic that is relevant to the circular economy anywhere in the world, do not hesitate to send us an email. Whenever you find the time to write an opinion piece, send it to us as well (feel free to send us already written ones, too, we are not jealous).

We are particulary proud to launch Circular Times with three innovative partners on three continents. Circular Economy Switzerland was founded in 2020 to raise the awareness of circularity; to date, more than 400 companies and individuals have signed its charter to promote circularity.

The Center for Green Economy at the Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research in Taipei has been promoting cleantech for many years. In 2020, it launched the Taiwan Circular Economy Award Ceremony, the fourth edition of which was successfully held last fall.

Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC) was launched in 2018 at the G7 Oceans Summit in Halifax as a network of corporate leaders, think tanks, and researchers. CELC works to connect Canada’s circular economy community and serves as a bridge to networks around the world.

We will publish the Circular Times once a month, but you can read the news articles around the clock on Do not hesitate to forward the newsletter to others who may be interested; they can subscribe here

And yes, humanity also needs to learn how to include everyone on this planet in the benefits of global prosperity. Social sustainability is not a nice to have. It is a must.


Steffen Klatt is the founder and CEO of Café Europe, a Switzerland-based news agency. Café Europe launched in January 2023.