WeADD wants to make coffee machines with capsules more sustainable. Image provided by WeADD

WeADD creating recycle aluminum and biodegradable paper coffee capsules

04 June 2024 10:32

AICEP Portugal

Marinha Grande - Portugal-based WeADD is developing aluminum and paper coffee capsules to help the coffee industry satisfy customers who want to cut waste and carbon emissions. These new capsules could replace single-use plastic capsules that now litter the planet while emitting greenhouse gases.

Portugal-based WeADD is developing recyclable aluminum and biodegradable paper pulp coffee capsules with biopolymer coating that decrease the waste associated with single-use coffee capsules. These capsules optimize oxygen and water steam properties to keep coffee fresh while creating a circular economy in capsule-related materials to curb greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

“The development of aluminum and paper pulp coffee capsules represents significant advancements in coffee packaging technology, focusing on sustainability, convenience, and preservation of coffee quality,” said the company.

Headquartered in Marinha Grande with offices in Lisbon, WeADD specializes in optimizing capsule geometry, weight, industrial and logistics, and the intellectual property associated with consumables and extraction. The company leverages computer-aided design, material engineering, and lifecycle assessment to improve its operations and cut its environmental impact.

WeADD also produces capsule coffee machines, commercial coffee equipment, and related products.

The company’s compact EXP espresso machine is the smallest on the market. Its TIME espresso coffee machine customizes coffee volumes without electronics, prolonging the device’s lifespan. More than 1 million units have been sold worldwide.

TIME has received the Caton Fair Design Award, Good Design Award, German Design Award, and Red Dot Product Design Award. “This capsule coffee machine convinces with an uncluttered design and easy and intuitive operation by means of one single button”, said the Red Dot jury statement. ce/jd

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