TeraSol secures investment of 500,000 Swiss francs

24 March 2024 17:23

Circ. Economy Switzerland

Lausanne - TeraSol has raised financing of 500,000 Swiss francs. The start-up for ground surveys intends to put this fresh capital towards increasing the size of its workforce, in addition to expanding marketing and development activities for new projects. Plans have also been drawn up for another financing round later this year in June.

TeraSol, a start-up for ground surveying activities founded in 2022 and headquartered in Lausanne, has secured investment of 500,000 Swiss francs as part of a pre-seed financing round. As detailed in a press release, the start-up will now aim to use this fresh capital injection to expand its workforce. Among other aspects, TeraSol plans to hire a scientific lab manager, while the overall number of employees is to be increased from a current level of five to seven.

The company is also keen to further develop an urban ground catalog, with the aim of documenting mineral and organic soil properties on a cross-regional basis. This should also contain options as to the extent to which urban soils can be sustainably regenerated on the basis of a circular economy. The project will use a substrate known as EcoSol, which has been developed by TeraSol, to regenerate soils. EcoSol is based on recycled excavated earth. The capital now secured by the company will be used to develop new options for the development and marketing of EcoSol.

In June 2024, the start-up also plans to stage another financing round in the amount of 1 million Swiss francs, as TeraSol writes in the press release. ce/ww

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