Swancor and Massload advance circular economy in bicycle parts

15 March 2024 13:08

Center for Green Economy

Nantou/Shengang - Swancor and Massload have collaborated on a new bottle cage for bikes made entirely from recycled carbon fibers. The cages use recycled carbon fiber whose production emits 97 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin fiber.

Taiwanese wind power material supplier Swancor and the Taiwanese cycling parts maker Massload have created a bicycle bottle cage made from recycled materials.

Containing a 50-50 blend of Swancor's recycled carbon fiber and plastic loading pallets, the bottle cage’s injection-molding production will curb the extraction of virgin materials, reuse plastic that now ends up in landfills, and curb greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, a Swancor press release issued on March 6 said.

“Taiwan, renowned as the ‘Kingdom of Bicycles,’ stands at the forefront of high-end bicycle production and research and development,” the statement said. “Swancor and Massload share a common goal in this endeavor, emphasizing the vital role of technological advancement in tandem with environmental stewardship for achieving a harmonious and sustainable coexistence between humanity and the environment.”

The companies intend to begin mass production of the cages in the first quarter of the year. The companies showcased the new product at Massload’s booth at the 2024 Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition earlier this month.

Swancor is a leader in Taiwan in green energy technology. The company recycles wind power turbine waste and factory scraps, produces a recyclable thermosetting resin called EzCiclo, and uses its CleaVER degradation liquid to separate recycled carbon fiber for reuse.

Last year, Nantou-based Swancor's recycled carbon fiber won the first Global Recycled Standard certification for 100-percent recycled carbon fiber. In February, the company obtained the ISO 14067 certificate for reducing emissions related to carbon fibers by 97 percent compared to virgin fiber. ce/jd

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