Rieter spinning line working at Spinnova factory in Portugal

23 May 2024 12:35

AICEP Portugal

Guimarães/Winterthur - Spinnova has inaugurated an R&D yarn spinning line at Tearfil’s mill in Portugal. This was supplied by Rieter and will be used for product development and to test the sustainable SPINNOVA fiber.

Spinnova, a Finnish company specializing in sustainable textile yarns, has inaugurated a yarn spinning line in Portugal. According to a press release, the R&D yarn spinning line will be used for product development and testing the sustainable SPINNOVA fiber. Waste materials are used for its manufacture, such as wood, old textiles, and other materials.

The line has been installed at Tearfil’s textile factory in  Guimarães, Portugal. Spinnova and Tearfil entered into a yarn development cooperation agreement in June 2023 that enables the two companies to use the spinning line together.

According to the press release, the spinning line was supplied by Rieter, an international provider of textile machines based in Winterthur in the canton of Zurich. Rieter’s company information states that it develops and produces machines, systems, and components for the economically optimal processing of natural and synthetic fibers as well as combinations of the two.

Franziska Häfeli, Head Sales and Marketing at Rieter, commented: “Rieter is pleased to contribute with its state-of-the-art machinery to Spinnova’s product development. SPINNOVA fiber is the frontrunner in sustainable fiber innovations with the potential to become a large-scale commercial product.” Häfeli adds that Rieter will “continue to support Spinnova in spinning a fully innovative yarn” with its in-depth textile know-how from fiber to yarn.

According to Rieter’s own information, it is more than 225 years old, has 18 production sites across ten countries, and has around 5,100 staff globally. ce/gba