Runaya pioneering aluminum circular economy in India

06 May 2024 16:50


Jharsuguda - Runaya’s new calcium aluminate plant in Jharsuguda will convert dross, a pollutant, into new aluminum using the company’s proprietary green technology. Using one of the largest electric arc furnaces in India, the company aims to eventually produce 12,000 metric tons of green aluminum annually.

Manufacturing start-up Runaya has opened a cutting-edge calcium aluminate plant in Jharsuguda in northeastern India.

The plan will manufacture as much as 12,000 metric tons of aluminum annually using green raw materials like depleted dross, or the waste usually produced in metallurgic processes. The project recovers aluminum from dross, a major pollutant because dross, when interacting with water, can emit greenhouse gases like methane, hydrogen, and ammonia.

This propriety process, in contrast, will reduce the extraction of raw materials and cut carbon emissions that cause climate change. In an April 11 press release, the company claimed that the plant on 2.5 acres is on track to operate solely with renewable energy sources by the 2025 fiscal year.

"This state-of-the-art facility showcases a significant stride in our green recovery initiatives, reinforcing our vision for a greener, more sustainable future,” said Runaya Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Annanya Agarwal. “Through cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious practices, we're not merely building a plant; we're cultivating a legacy of responsible manufacturing.”

Currently, the plant can produce 30,000 tons annually of slag conditioners, including briquettes and calcium aluminate.

The plant will eventually use a fully automated electric arc furnace that will be the largest in any Indian among calcium aluminate plants. The company is also pledging to reduce waste and discharges from the facility dramatically.

“We envision a future where sustainability is not just an aspiration but an intrinsic part of our ethos,” said Agarwal. “The calcium aluminate plant serves as a pivotal step towards realizing that vision, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for generations to come." ce/jd

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