Premium Minds create new Bion parking lot software for Telpark

22 May 2024 10:25

AICEP Portugal

Lisbon/Madrid - When Spanish parking lot operation Telpark wanted to expand while cutting capital and operational expenses, they collaborated with Portuguese software company Premium Minds. The result is Bion, a software system now deployed in 86 parking lots in Portugal and Spain.

As the costs related to building and running parking lots increased over the years, Telpark needed a way to manage their facilities while cutting expenses and boosting flexibility and efficiency. Working with innovative Portuguese software company Premium Minds, they developed the digital system Bion.

Eliminating the need for physical cards for drivers to scan, reducing fraud, enhancing reliability, and ensuring smooth user experiences for 99 percent of customers, Bion’s digital infrastructure has reduced Telpark’s expansion costs by 65 percent. The system is now working in 86 parking lots in Portugal and Spain.

"The installation process is faster than any other system,” said Telpark IT Director Jordi Curià in a press release. “We can have a system up and running in a parking lot in just one week."

Importantly, Bion gives Telpark a centralized system for managing its facilities and associated assets. The system manages change effortlessly, allowing Telpark to unroll new products, services, and other operations across their properties with little to no friction. These capabilities give Telpark an edge over competitors because they can adapt and react to market conditions quickly.

Telpark has been working with Premium Minds for 15 years. Bion has been the two companies’ most successful collaboration to date, said Luis Ramírez, Telpark’s off-street IT director. "Premium Minds has a strong ability to handle high-complexity projects and has the tools to meet all our needs,” Ramírez said.

More than half of Premium Mind’s revenue originates in partnerships with telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, social media, and companies in other industries that are more than six years old, according to the Lisbon-based company’s website. ce/jd