NIKIN reforests Guatemala’s coast

03 July 2024 09:13

Lenzburg - The NIKIN fashion label, which is known for its tree planting projects, is now focusing on reforesting Guatemala’s Pacific coast. It aims to protect the region’s ecosystem by planting mangrove and deciduous tree species.

Textile company NIKIN, which is based in Lenzburg in the Swiss canton of Aargau, is set to continue its tree planting program this year with a project on the Guatemalan coast. The aim is to plant a total of 63,000 mangroves and deciduous trees between July and September 2024, according to a press release.

The project launched by NIKIN will be implemented over the next four years. The company says that a total of 1,330,000 trees will be planted during this time, and their maintenance and growth regularly monitored. This will enable 1,025 hectares of the mangrove ecosystem to be restored. The project will also help combat illegal deforestation, agricultural land use and illegal waste dumping. As well as establishing the new plantations, NIKIN also aims to educate employees living in nearby communities about reforestation and restoration strategies.

The entire project is based on NIKIN’s commitment to plant a new tree for every product sold: the company says that around 2.3 million trees have already been planted. ce/ww

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