LUZI uses circular raw materials to create perfumes

26 April 2024 09:57

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Dietlikon/Bäch - The fragrance house LUZI has put together a collection exclusively created with circular raw materials. All components are contained in a raw material toolbox, called LUZI Circular Toolbox – and have been awarded a C2C Certified Material Health Certificate certification at Gold level.

Based in Dietlikon in the canton of Zurich, LUZI AG has launched a collection of five new fragrance creations, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by the company. The development of these fragrances was based on LUZI’s raw material toolbox, which the fragrance house put together using circular ingredients that fulfil the conditions of the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) circular economy principles. The LUZI Circular Toolbox has now been awarded a C2C Certified Material Health Certificate at Gold level. During this process, LUZI was supported by epeaswitzerland, the accredited assessor for the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification standard based in Bäch in the canton of Schwyz.

According to information from the company itself, the LUZI Circular Toolbox is the first offering of this kind from a fragrance manufacturer. On the one hand, this allows the company to pursue its approach of manufacturing products that are good for the planet and the environment. On the other, the use of LUZI Circular Toolbox helps to accelerate the C2C Certified Material Health Certificate certification of the end products made from them.

The fragrances now launched on the basis of the LUZI Circular Toolbox are named Beach Walk, Circle of Life, Nature’s Cradle, Horizon Gold and Circular Care. None of the ingredients used are harmful to the environment and, moreover, they can all be returned to the biological or technical cycle. In addition to fragrances for fine fragrances, LUZI also manufacturers fragrances used in air fresheners, as well as body care and household products. ce/jh

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