Gruner Stucky and SMEC partnering to repair Indian dams

11 October 2023 18:03


Basel/New Delhi - The Indian government has tapped Swiss engineering firm Gruner Stucky and Australian construction company SMEC to repair and improve dams throughout the country. The companies aim to improve safety and water availability and reduce vulnerability to flooding and other impacts of climate change.

Gruner Stucky is partnering with Australian construction company SMEC to repair and improve dams in India.

“Undertaking this important role, Gruner Stucky, with our longstanding and successful track record in providing dam design services and dam safety management advisory services, is committed to enhancing the safety and performance of the chosen dams across India,” the Basel, Switzerland-based company said in an August 22 press release.

The India’s Central Water Commission and other Indian government agencies have received funding from the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to improve dams in 19 states throughout the subcontinent.

“This partnership comes at a crucial juncture as we work together to ensure the safety and functionality of our nation’s dams,” Debashree Mukherjee, Special Secretary, Central Water Commission, is quoted in a SMEC press release. “We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this endeavor on the communities and the environment.”

The project is in line with India’s goals of expanding their energy portfolio while curbing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, said SMEC India Director Mallikarjunagouda Patil. “This project is aligned with SMEC’s mission to create infrastructure that stands the test of time, safeguards precious resources, and propels India’s development agenda to new heights,” he said. 

The partnership and its work are expected to heighten safety measures, amplify water availability, and reduce vulnerability to flooding to fortifying communities against the flooding, severe weather, and other impacts of climate change.

“Our collaborative venture is excited to channel our expertise and technical prowess towards revitalizing these vital dams, securing their viability and the welfare of adjacent communities,” Gruner Stucky’s press release said. ce/jd

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