With the help of GBI, Dutch solar facade company ZigZagSolar will develop new business in India. Image provided by GBI

GBI helping ZigZagSolar launch in India

05 June 2024 17:42


Eindhoven/Bangalore - International business consultancy Global Business Inroads, or GBI, is partnering with Dutch solar facade company ZigZagSolar to develop new business in India. ZigZagSolar’s affordable solar facade system generates electricity while also featuring pleasing art and murals.

Indian leaders need innovative technologies that will help them cut carbon emissions that cause climate change. Now Eindhoven, Netherlands-based company ZigZagSolar will deliver these tools to the subcontinent with Global Business Inroads', or GBI’s help, according to a LinkedIn post.

ZigZagSolar makes curvy solar panels that can be fixed to the facades of buildings. In addition to collecting and distributing solar power, these panels feature murals that improve the aesthetic environment in urban settings.

While standard photovoltaic panels on rooftops yield 96 percent electricity when the sun hangs low on the horizon, and panels on the sides of buildings yield 66 percent, zig-zagging panels on buildings’ sides yield 126 percent electricity production, according to ZigZagSolar’s website.

GBI, a Bangalore-based international business consultancy is helping the Dutch company enter the massive Indian market. European organization Innowwide is providing funding for the project, too.

“At GBI, we specialize in helping European SMEs internationalize by identifying collaboration
opportunities and ensuring successful market entry,” said GBI’s recent newsletter. “Our expertise includes market viability assessments, insights into technology uptake, strategic positioning, feasibility assessments, representation and negotiation, adapting technology to local needs, and developing business models and deployment roadmaps.”

ZigZagSolar will conduct legal and technical studies, assess the potential of the Indian market, verify that their products comply with Indian regulations, and examine primary and secondary markets, including vendors, companies, policymakers, and others. The company will establish a pilot project to demonstrate proof of concept in India.

Indian stakeholders interested in collaborating with ZigZagSolar can contact GBI. ce/jd

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