Fashionistas slated to promote circular economies in Turin

22 April 2024 17:10


Turin - Fashion designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and others who want to build circular economies in the textile industry will convene from June 29 to July 1 at the B2B Torino Sport & Fashion Match 2024. The event will help innovators, investors, and others forge international partnerships and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The global fashion industry depends on cotton farms and manufacturing in the Global South and designers and consumers in the West and other affluent regions.

Now organizers of B2B Torino Sport & Fashion Match 2024 hope they can pair Fashion designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, and others who can launch new ventures to make the industry more sustainable, especially through reusing and recycling products to create circular economies.

Topics discussed at the event in Turin, Italy from June 29 to July 1 will include circular and sustainable fashion, sportswear and technical textiles, innovation and creative design, digital solutions, investors, and female entrepreneurship.

“The B2B Torino Sport & Fashion Match 2024 aims to facilitate the creation of international agreements and new partnerships between companies, suppliers, and retailers from all over the world through pre-organized and managed meetings after registration on a dedicated platform,” said a pamphlet advertising the event.

Sponsored by Unioncamere Piemonte, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, and Enterprise Europe, a network of small and medium-sized enterprises, the free event will take place at the Talent Garden, a coworking space in the northern Italian city. It coincides with Turin Fashion Week.

Participants from 27 countries are expected to attend. Interested parties can register here.

In addition to matchmaking between prospective business partners and innovators, the event will hold talks on subjects including “AI and new digital and innovative industrial trends amid the textile industry,” “the New European sustainable regulation for textiles,” and “Investments, leaderships management, and female entrepreneurship.”

Since 2020, GBI EEN India has been involved in the creation of an EU-India Resource Efficiency Platform for Circular Textiles and Fashion, organizing webinars and B2B connections between EU and Indian stakeholders. 

This year, in 2024, GBI EEN India has been working with the Indian Ministry of Textiles as well as SMEs to participate in Torino Fashion Week. Leena Thomas, Director of GBI, will give a presentation on circularity and sustainability at the event on July 1. The panel will also include other international speakers who will speak on various topics such as new technological and industrial trends, sustainability, blockchain, leadership, women entrepreneurship, venture capital and future thinking for the textile, fashion, sport sector and many others. ce/jd

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