Devoteam Portugal upgrades MEO’s mobile app

21 May 2024 09:47

AICEP Portugal

Lisbon - Portuguese communications giant MEO successfully rolled out a new app to more than 1 million of its internet, television, and cable phone customers after digital services firm Devoteam leveraged cutting-edge software engineering to design, build, and scale new technologies. While MEO’s old app was web-based, the new app is mobile native.

The biggest so-called “triple play” provider of internet, television, and cable phones in Portugal, MEO, recently revamped its mobile application with Devoteam.

The Portuguese subsidiary of the French digital services provider used cross-platform technology called React Native to install MEO’s new app on more than 1.1 million mobile devices in the country.

In contrast to the Lisbon-based company’s former web-based app, the new native mobile app works on both Apple’s iOS and Alphabet’s Android devices. The app’s rating increased to 4.5 out of five in iOS and 4.3 out of 5 in Android device markets. The app has undergone a production environment, security assessment, and a beta stage. Importantly, the new app is generating data that will help MEO grow.

“The analytical part is now playing a very important role as information source for the customers behavior providing new insights,” said a recently published case study entitled “My MEO 2.0 – a whole new experience.”

The revamp focused on the skeleton of the app to maintain a cohesive visual interface on different screens; dynamic links for text messages, e-mails, push notifications, Chatbots, etcetera; a stack that features GA4 with Big Query; and an innovative approach to cache. A key component for the performance side, especially multimedia, the app’s cache helps integrate legacy systems and creates a protection buffer for customers’ information.

“We could not use a ‘one size fits all ‘ mindset when dealing with the customers’ information cache, so we defined the cacheable items and behavior for them,” said the case study. “This implementation was never done this way with React Native. Was fully conceived by our team.” ce/jd