Critical Software cutting emissions and improving operations across industries

25 April 2024 10:18

AICEP Portugal

Coimbra - Critical Software is driving sustainability improvements with a broad range of clients in critical industries from space to finance. The goal is to optimize operations and simultaneously minimize carbon footprints. Several of the company’s projects are based in Switzerland, including its work in developing next-gen lab equipment in the rail industry.

Software is key to engineering more sustainable technologies and supporting clients in their aim of attaining Net Zero. From enhancing data analytics to enable greener investments in finance, to developing digital twins as a means to reduce resource wastage, Critical Software is leading the way when revolutionizing existing business practices for the benefit of the planet. 
“We empower our clients to rethink their operations and embrace sustainable practices,” said Monica Sobreira, division director of digital engineering services at Critical Software, in a press release.

The company, with over 1,300 employees in Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom, has developed cloud-first platforms that leverage virtual infrastructure to reduce emissions, digital twins that give businesses virtual replicas for resource utilization, and advanced digitization that cuts down on paper and other waste. These products and services have helped Critical Software develop new railway and energy infrastructure, too.

The company’s development of Driver Assistance Systems for trains enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. Within three years, the company claims they will finish projects in Switzerland, for example, that will improve asset management, alarms and diagnostics, cyber security, and next-generation lab equipment systems. “The cultural fit and the synergies are astounding: Swiss technology with a sprinkle of Portuguese ingenuity,” said Critical Software Automotive, Railway, and Medical Systems Division Director Luis Gargaté. “The very demanding high-tech Swiss industry requirements for efficiency meet Critical Software’s culture of high-quality, on-time delivery.”

The company is helping energy sector clients transition to net-zero emissions. In addition to renewable asset control and fleet management, smart metering, and other innovations, the company is working on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in France – the world’s largest-scale international scientific fusion project – as well as the European Union’s Copernicus Earth observation satellites program. ce/jd

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