Asia Cement is introducing low-carbon Portland limestone

10 October 2023 12:54

Center for Green Economy

Kaohsiung - Asia Cement has made its debut featuring proactive promotion of low-carbon products at the Kaohsiung Building Show. Asia Cement’s introduction of its new Portland limestone cement has attracted significant market attention, with the goal of creating green homes and zero-emission cities.

Starting on October 8th, the four-day event of the Kaohsiung Building Show 2023, has been marked by its focus on key themes of smart homes, architectural aesthetics, all-age housing, and sustainable building materials. Asia Cement has garnered significant attention for its proactive promotion of low-carbon building products. 

According to a press release, Asia Cement has been developing low-carbon process technologies and materials to make a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability. At the Kaohsiung Building Show, Asia Cement is introducing low-carbon Portland limestone, which is a type of environmentally friendly cement that incorporates limestone as a key ingredient in its production, and suitable for large-scale projects. This innovative cement is able to significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to the traditional Portland cement. This product is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, aligning with the growing demands for green construction and zero-emission cities. 

At the show, Asia Cement emphasizes that the development of low-carbon cement is a long journey involving technical advancements and adjustments to customer preferences. Its exclusive masonry cement can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16 percent, and its sales have grown remarkably in 2022, surging four to five times from 2,000 mt to an impressive 7,000 to 8,000 mt, and potentially exceeding 20,000 mt this year.

Asia Cement was recognized as a Asia-Pacific Climate Leader by the Financial Times and Statista for substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions. It is the only Taiwanese cement company among the 275 companies on the list. It actively participates in the '1+N Carbon Management Program' initiated by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, collaborating with subsidiaries and customers to reduce emissions and generate carbon credits for future trading opportunities. 

The low-carbon transition is a universal challenge for all industries. In the face of climate change impacts, Asia Cement remains committed to self-improvement and enhancing competitiveness, they see carbon reduction as a crucial aspect of their future sustainability in this changing world. ce/cy

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