APO planning for sustainable economies that protect environment

02 April 2024 09:12

Center for Green Economy

Tokyo - The Asian Productivity Council, or APO, is coordinating sustainable business practices throughout Asia to help economies grow while protecting the environment. The chair of the APO’s Technical Working Group for the Development of Green Productivity 2.0 recently submitted the roadmap to a council of experts.

Dr. Chun-Hsu Lin, director and research fellow at Taiwan’s Center for Green Economy, recently submitted a roadmap to reducing carbon emissions to experts at the Asian Productivity Council, or APO. As chair of the Technical Working Group for the Development of Green Productivity (GP) 2.0, Chun-Hsu Lin submitted the roadmap to the APO’s GP Advisory Council.

Luminaries in the Asian business and research community sit on the council, according to a March 28 press release. They include University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Ryoichi Yamamoto; APO Secretary-General Indra Pradana Singawinata; Yoichiro Matsumoto, science and technology advisor to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs; APO Director for Indonesia Anwar Sanusi; APO Director Singapore Joanne Tan; and APO Director for Thailand Nattapol Rangsitpol.

The roadmap seeks to fill gaps in regional systems that privilege socioeconomic development at the price of environmental degradation. APO members want to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, SDGs, which aim to keep increases in average global temperatures to less than 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius more than preindustrial levels.

Citing the World Meteorological Organization, Yamamoto noted that the concluded that global temperatures last year were 1.45 degrees Celsius more than preindustrial levels.

“The climate tipping point was nearer than thought, and both green innovation and social transformation to a carbon-neutral, nature-positive, circular economy were urgent,” said the press release.

The Advisory Council is expected to submit recommendations for the roadmap. The APO Governing Body must approve the plan. ce/jd

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