Júlio Vilela is the Ambassador of Portugal to Switzerland. Image provided by the Embassy of Portugal in Switzerland

Opportunity Portugal: showcasing the Portuguese economic activity

25 April 2024 09:35

AICEP Portugal

Informing, sharing, enhancing, and strengthening the image of a modern, innovative, talented Portugal, a forerunner in the use of new technologies that also contribute to protect the environment and promote better business sustainability, helps to create, and reinforce relationships of trust in the commercial and investment areas.

The Portuguese Embassy in Bern and AICEP Portugal Global (Portugal's foreign trade and investment agency) are showcasing in Switzerland the uniqueness, quality and difference that characterize products and services originating in multiple sectors of Portuguese economic activity (whether in the field of new technologies, health sciences, renewable energies or aerospace engineering, to name a few), the extraordinary quality of Portuguese human resources, and the potential of some of our natural resources, to underpin Portugal's many competitive advantages for all entrepreneurs who want to establish new businesses, implement innovative and sustainable investment partnerships with respect for the environmental balance.

Portugal, a European nation with more than 800 years of history and a global vocation, halfway between the Asian and American continents, is a safe destination for investment and a distinguished partner for creating or expanding businesses. A member of multiple international organizations, it joined the European Union in 1986 and its society, economy, and business environment, centered in small and medium-sized enterprises, has evolved progressively. Today it is a hub of talent and innovation, focusing its growth options on green economy solutions with a low ecological footprint, of strong digitalization of the state administration and the promotion of a more simplified relationship between it, companies, and citizens, of inventions and patents also of national origin, of low risk for investors, and of very positive recent results in terms of the international macroeconomy.

In 2023 Portugal grew above the European average (+2.3%), its exports showed strong dynamism (+4.7%), guaranteeing 47% of its GDP, inflation continued a sustained downward trend (4.3%), unemployment is under control (6.5%), external debt fell by 13 percentage points and according to the main international rating agencies, the risk of the country has returned to very low levels.

The high level of proficiency in English - today's business "Esperanto" - the excellence of the higher education provided, particularly in new technologies and technical engineering, which is so evident in the most diverse international rankings, combined with labor costs that are incomparably competitive in international markets and tax incentives granted in the areas of research and development, productive investment and the creation of new jobs, are comparative advantages that are already firmly established in the Portuguese economy.

In the year that marks 50 years of democracy, Portugal can be your best business partner. Betting on Portugal is a guarantee of reliable treatment and differentiating comparative advantages. 

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Júlio Vilela is the Ambassador of Portugal to Switzerland.