Tripulse launches sports bra made from eucalyptus fibers

04 April 2024 09:08


Stockholm/Lenzing - The Swedish sportswear manufacturer Tripulse is launching a new, sustainable sports bra. Unlike conventional items, the new product is made from natural eucalyptus and wood fibers. Production reduces both carbon emissions and water consumption.

Tripulse, a sportswear manufacturer based in Stockholm, has brought to market a new, environmentally sustainable sports bra. According to a press release, the skin-friendly sports item is made out of a blended fabric containing TENCEL Lyocell fibers. According to the press release, it comprises a mix of eucalyptus and wood fibers, which are said to match the functionality, breathability, and wearer comfort of traditional fabrics used in sportswear. Furthermore, the manufacturer states that the fibers are manufactured in a circular system that reuses 99 percent of the resources. In addition, the items are processed without the use of harmful chemicals such as PFAS and BPA from the fiber to the fabric. The press release states that, across the entire manufacturing process, 5.16 kilograms of CO2 and 60.83 liters of water are saved versus conventional viscose fibers for every continuous meter of fabric produced.

Franziska Mesche, Founder and CEO of Tripulse, comments in the press release: “I believe that it is time for a change within the industry so that women can train with a clear conscience and complete confidence. Simply no compromises when it comes to performance, comfort, and wellbeing. This benefits the planet hugely as well, which is why we have developed the next-generation Tripulse sports bra. We are extremely excited to present this to the world.”

The Zurich-based investment company exelixis capital AG holds a stake in Tripulse. ce/eb

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