Terms and conditions

The platform economico.pro is published by Café Europe. Nachrichtenagentur AG (hereinafter: Café Europe). The terms and conditions set out herein govern the relationships between Café Europe and the users of the services and products of economico.pro. This also includes the use of the resultant newsletters. 

By using the services and products, users accept these terms and conditions. Divergences from these terms and conditions are only possible with written agreement from the publishers.

1. Copyrights, other intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise stated, copyrights and other intellectual property rights for the products and services lie with Café Europe. This also applies to the layout, logos and software.

2. Use

Users have the non-transferrable right to personal use of the information from economico.pro. They may also provide links to this website or pass on or impart the contents of this website using the features designed for this on the website.

Reproduction of content from economico.pro and its translation into other languages is only allowed with express authorization from Café Europe. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited unless an agreement with Café Europe gives the express right to do so. 

Users do not need to register to use economico.pro. Registration is only necessary if they wish to subscribe to individual issues or all issues from economico.pro. To do this, users must provide their name and email address. Issues are sent to the email address provided in the form of newsletters. By providing their email address, users authorize Café Europe to send them the newsletter to which they have subscribed.

Café Europe’s charges that were identified at the time that the agreement was concluded apply to the use of fee-based products. Prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. The agreement is entered into when users are invoiced. In each case, payment must be made in advance and without deductions.

Agreements between users and Café Europe are extended automatically unless this is otherwise stated or an agreement is made to the contrary between both parties.

3. Liability, correction 

Despite carefully checking the content, Café Europe does not assume any liability or guarantee for the up-to-dateness, correctness or completeness of the information and data provided. If Café Europe is made aware of manifest errors in texts that have been published, it will correct these errors in a timely manner. 

There is no right to the critical reading of news articles and other texts before they are published. Café Europe also does not grant this right to companies, organizations, administrations or individual persons about which or whom news articles or other texts are produced.

Despite carefully checking the content, Café Europe also does not assume any liability or guarantee for the up-to-dateness, correctness or completeness of any other websites that are identified directly or indirectly. Café Europe is not responsible for the content of external websites. Only the operators of the linked pages are responsible for their content.

economico.pro is ordinarily available around the clock. However, Café Europes reserves the right to temporarily suspend service for technical reasons.

No liability can be assumed by Café Europe relating to material or intangible damage caused by use of the presented information. Users utilize the information at their own risk. Café Europe will only be liable in the case of breaches of contract if there is evidence of gross negligence or willful misconduct. Such liability is limited to the amount that Café Europe has invoiced the user for the service.

4. Data protection

Café Europe protects the users’ information within the scope of the legal requirements in Switzerland. The specifics are given in the Data Protection Declaration.

5. Deletion of content

Café Europe reserves the express right to change, augment or delete sections of the website or the entire offering without separate notice.

6. Amendments

Café Europe reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. These amendments will be published on Café Europe’s websites. If individual provisions from these terms and conditions become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions. The invalid provisions will be replaced by new provisions that are as close as possible to the content of the invalid provisions.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction 

Swiss law applies to the legal relationships between the users and Café Europe. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

As at: 18 January 2023