Avant-garde designers participating in the CPHFW NEWTALENT Showroom will have the opportunity to use SPIN.FASHION's Phygital-Retail system. Image provided by SPIN.FASHION

SPIN.FASHION bringing circularity to Copenhagen Fashion Week

17 January 2024 18:22


Singapore/Copenhagen - Using SPIN.FASHION’s Phygital-Retail platform, up-and-coming fashion designers participating in Copenhagen Fashion Week will have a chance to leverage the Internet of Things, blockchain, and augmented and virtual reality devices to develop circular economies in the global fashion industry.

When models walk down the runway sporting new fashions at Copenhagen Fashion Week from January 29 to February 4, they will be advancing circular economies in their industry.

Avant-garde designers participating in the CPHFW NEWTALENT Showroom will have the opportunity to use SPIN.FASHION's Phygital-Retail system, which promotes recycling and reusing fashion through web3 technologies like blockchain-driven supply chain traceability, third-party digital product passports, an Internet of Things labeling system, and two and three-dimensional features for immersive customer experiences via augmented and virtual reality. The term phygital represents the fusion of the physical and the digital worlds.

“We are beyond excited to join forces with Copenhagen Fashion Week,” said SPIN.FASHION Chief Executive and Founder Lor Albrighi, in a January 11 press release. “By providing the web3 circularity infrastructure to selected brands, we look forward for circular fashion to become the new standard in fashion commerce.”

The Phygital-Retail system ensures transparency throughout supply chains, exposing potentially carbon-intensive or exploitative production. Using the system, brands and creators can create revenue streams and 10-percent royalty fees from sakes or reused clothes and accessories.

This year, MLGA, Alectra Rothschild/Masculina, Rolf Ekroth, Nicklas Skovgaard, Latimmier, and Stamm have opted to use the system to digitize some of their work.

The largest fashion week in Northern Europe, the Copenhagen event is considered the fifth-most important event in the industry. Copenhagen Fashion Week organizers are one of the few fashion events that have developed a robust Sustainability Action Plan that aims to educate fashionists and consumers on reducing their emissions and other impacts on the planet while accelerating the green transition worldwide. 

SPIN.FASHION is one of two platforms of Singapore-based Lablaco, the other being CFS Media. The Italian designer Lor Albrighi founded Lablaco together with the Taiwan-born luxury fashion manager in 2016. Zurich-based exelixis capital AG is one of Lablaco’s investors. ce/jd

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