Reliance uses chemical recycling for circular polymers

16 February 2024 16:04


Mumbai - Reliance Industries Limited, or RIL, has developed new chemical processes that sustainably produce pyrolysis oil, or bio-crude, from plastic waste. The company can now generate 600 total polar materials of chemically recycled pyrolysis oil at its Jamnagar refinery but expects that number to climb.

The operator of the biggest petrochemical refining complex in the world, Reliance Industries Limited, or RIL, has become the first company in India to recycle pyrolysis oil, or bio-crude, derived from plastic waste-based into reusable polymers.

Branded as CircuRepol polypropylene and CircuRelene polyethylene, the recycled, reusable polymers have received International Sustainability & Carbon Certification-Plus, according to a December 29 press release.

Mumbai-based RIL's Jamnagar refinery is the first facility in India to receive the certification, which ensures traceability of materials and adherence to high sustainable standards. The refinery can produce as much as 600 total polar materials of chemically recycled pyrolysis oil. RIL is partnering with other refineries to produce the same output.

“RIL’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through its innovative methods like chemical recycling which help create a Circular Economy,” the press release said. “The company firmly believes in finding smart solutions to reduce plastic waste and inspire others to join in this journey towards a greener future.”

RIL’s catalytic pyrolysis technology and novel methods using chemical recycling convert plastic waste, including single-use and multi-layered plastics, into pyrolysis oil that can reused into new products, including food packaging. The chemical recycles breaks the polymer chain in the old products, replacing the thermal methods that are now used most often to produce less and lower quality pyrolysis oil.

The company aims to expand these processes to recycle 5 billion post-consumer PET bottles annually to make roads with its ReRoute product and circular polymers for various uses. ce/jd

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