Haelixa and Trudel Silk have reached an agreement on the traceability and transparency of silk products. Image provided by Haelixa

Haelixa and Trudel Silk joining forces for greater transparency

16 February 2024 09:51

Center for Green Economy

Kemptthal/Kilchberg - Haelixa and Trudel Silk, a trading firm for silk goods from the canton of Zurich, have reached an agreement on the traceability and transparency of silk products. With this, Trudel Silk is seeking to increase sustainability along the entire supply chain.

Haelixa AG, the specialists in DNA markers for product traceability based in Kemptthal in the canton of Zurich, has reached an agreement with Trudel Silk that aims to increase supply chain transparency for the silk trading firm. The collaboration will seek to ensure traceability and transparency across all levels of the silk production process, further details of which can be found in a press release. In this context, consumers can rest assured that their products are manufactured ethically. Trudel’s aim is to successfully complete each phase of the process for transparent presentation. All market participants are actively involved in this, including the farmers, reeling mills, twisting/spinning mills, weaving mills, dyeing and printing mills, and finally the brands as well. These stakeholders are involved in every step, from growing the mulberry trees to producing silk fabrics. The silks selected by Trudel have a specific DNA, which can be tracked and transparently presented across each stage of the production and marketing processes on the basis of Haelixa’s markers.

“Trudel’s partnership with Haelixa marks a milestone for our sustainability strategy”, according to Riccardo Pfenninger-Fabro, President of Trudel Group. He adds: “Ensuring full traceability and transparency along the whole silk production chain is a key requirement for our customers and their consumers”.

“The work with Trudel represents a significant step in the provenance of their silk”, comments Gediminas Mikutis, CTO of Haelixa, before adding: “Trudel’s deep know-how of the silk value chains and commitment to innovation drives the future of the silk industry”. ce/ww

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