BCSD Taiwan helping companies go green

22 January 2024 17:54

Center for Green Economy

Taipei - The nonprofit Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development, or BCSD Taiwan, is helping local businesses embrace sustainability. In workshops, the Council helped companies understand climate change, the circular economy, and future environmental, social, and good governance trends to build long-term resilience.

Members of the Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development, or BCSD Taiwan, have been developing their sustainability credentials over a series of workshops devoted to the green transition and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Last year, BCSD Taiwan held workshops on climate action, nature action, the circular economy, risk management, and future trends in environmental, social, and good governance, or ESG, goals, explained a January 11 press release. With 170 practitioners who work for more than 90 companies, BCSD Taiwan is part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Hosted by experts, the workshops were designed to help executives find or create green business opportunities in their current workflows and operations.

The nature action workshop, for example, aimed to help companies identify how their companies exploit nature, an exercise that could help them reduce or mitigate their impacts on the planet. The ESG workshops, meanwhile, helped the same companies focus on adopting models that would both increase profitability while fostering positive change locally and worldwide according to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, or SDGs.

“Only through the overall sustainable transformation from the socio-economic can the SDGs be realized, with businesses playing a crucial role in this process,” said BCSD Taiwan Secretary-General Tony Mo. “Sustainability transformation by businesses is essential to drive the broader socio-economic transitions. The management tools developed by WBCSD serve as powerful instruments to assist companies in achieving sustainability transformation.” ce/jd

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