Your gateway to a globally connected, regenerative economy

economico.pro connects people, entrepreneurs, businesses, and research facilities in selected markets worldwide through journalistic news in addition to facilitating cooperation through the instant flow of trusted information. It brings together news articles about companies, research facilities and organizations that are active across different sectors of the economy and in different regions, with a strong focus on all aspects of sustainability and regenerative innovation. 

economico.pro is a news platform which serves as a runway for newsletters for thriving organizations and business ecosystems around the world. These newsletters contain news articles about both member and partner companies of these organizations, in addition to news articles related to other players in their field of activity. The newstech service empowers digitally supported cross-collaboration among like-minded business and finance clusters, networks, and communities through journalistic news articles. Among the first partner organizations are the Center for Green Economy in Taipei/Taiwan and Circular Economy Switzerland.

The platform builds on the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), a network of sustainable business clusters on all continents, founded in 2010.

economico.pro is the brainchild of Café Europe, the Switzerland-based news agency. Café Europe also offers similar news platforms in Switzerland and for Swiss business communities worldwide, namely punkt4.info in German and the English-language service swisstrade.com, which is operated in conjunction with the association swiss export.